We made it baby!...🍾

24 hours of sled pulling finished of with champagne. .
Massive thanks to everyone who came down to support us with special mention to those who pulled a sled alongside us and thanks for keeping us well fed.

Massive thanks to Tina for the massages that helped us scrape through until the bitter end and @gpaul_photo Paul for the photography.

All good luck messages and donations were also greatly appreciated and we’ll update you ASAP on how much we raised.

Having such a good team behind us definitely helped us complete what was a gruelling challenge.

Massive thanks to @era_fit for the custom designed, RAF Spitfire themed punishment device.

While it looks harmless on the first photograph, it’s a different beast altogether once it plate loaded. 

Having trained on another sled, It must be said that while it might have looked pretty it moved depressingly slow in dry conditions which led to a harsh reality check on the first round 😓.