1. How fit do I need to be to take part in the bootcamp sessions?

We cater to all abilities, ages and experiences by using a wide range of progressions and regressions for all exercises. 

2. Where do we meet for each session? 

The rectory pavilion/Chinnor Rugby Football Club house (second floor), 5-10 minutes before the session. 

3. What does the session include? 

Each session varies from BoxFit to circuit and strength training, but ultimately the session will be dictated and planned by the individual instructor, e.g. basic pad work, tyre flips and log presses.

4. How much are the sessions and do I have to commit to a regular session/payment? 

No, we offer a very flexible system which allows you to purchase session credits to be used as frequently as you require. Although, we do offer unlimited monthly memberships for regular faces. 

5. What do I have to bring/wear? 

Suitable outdoor footwear (sufficient grip), warm clothing and a smile.

6. Can I get a refund on my block of sessions? 

Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis but generally operate a non-refund policy. 

7. How long do the bootcamp  sessions last? 

An hour, although, occasionally we get excited and go over a few minutes, but we always have time for a cool down and a post session brew (tea or coffee). 

8. What days and times do the sessions run? 

Monday 7pm, Tuesday 7pm (indoors), Wednesday 7pm, Friday 12pm, 6pm (strength), Saturday (BoxFit) 9am and Sunday 9am.