Founder & Instructor

My passion for health and fitness has grown massively over the last few years. Despite not coming from a sporting background, I fell into fitness after joining the military. Fast forward almost 7 years, I have thrown myself into sports which I had not previously tried and represented my unit at Boxing and Powerlifting which really cemented my passion for training. 

After realising it is time for a career change, I am now pursuing a career in Personal Training, utilising my qualifications, skills and experiences to assist clients in achieving their specific goals and enhancing their knowledge within training. 

In October 2017, I co-founded Powerhouse Performance Club with Daz and Josh, an outdoor fitness bootcamp which has gone from strength to strength, operating at Chinnor RFC in Thame, Oxfordshire. We offer various bootcamp circuits, such as BoxFit and Strength and Conditioning. 

I currently work at Gym Group in Aylesbury, running classes such as HIIT and BoxFit whilst operating as a self-employed Personal Trainer. I enjoy every minute and I can already see my clients making progress, achieve their goals and subsequently grow in confidence. Lastly, I have recently just launched a new glute development programme, Miami Peach Club, which is a small group training for women to help them understand the various glute exercises whilst coaching them how to perform these exercises correctly.